What's this site?

This site is built as a tool to help students of engineering to retrieve thermophysical properties of refrigerants. This website can give you thermophysical properties of refrigerants such as the enthalpy and entropy at certain temperature. The properties value retrieve from the table itself, though some value will derived (automatically) from linear interpolation.

As of right now, students only able to retrieve data of only a couples of refrigerants, but more of it will be added in the future (hopefully).

How can i contribute?

You can contribute by providing excel file that contains a refrigerant properties table. Here is how you should format the data. The file must contain these five properties:

  1. Temperature
  2. Enthalpy Liquid
  3. Enthalpy Vapor
  4. Entropy Liquid
  5. Entropy Vapor

Note: Names of the columns is case sensitive, Enthalpy Liquid is the correct one while enthalpy liquid is not.

refrigerant table

Keep in mind, the value of the properties match with the units of the properties shown below:

refrigerant table

Name your excel file the same as the refrigerant name (capitalize): R-22.xlsx, R-600A.xlsx, R-702P.xlsx etc.

Send your excel file to vandevoyager@gmail.com with subject of the email:

"Refrigerant Table - <Name of the refrigerant> - Contribution"